Inspired by Dutch Expression

VDA stands for the Dutch expression “Voor De Aroma” which translates “For the Aroma”. Our Brand was inspired by The De Stijl (Dutch for “the style”) group was one of several art and design movements that responded to the chaotic trauma of World War I with a “return to order.”

Headed by Dutch artists Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg, De Stijl rejected pre-war decorative tendencies (think Art Nouveau) and pushed Cubism to new extremes: total abstraction consisting of only the most basic design components — vertical and horizontal lines, primary colors. These Colours and Shapes have inspired our style of VDA Branding on our Shop fronts, Coffee Cups and our personal coffee bags. Inspired by the artists and architects of this movements our coffee signature coffee range is named after these incredible Artists, Piet Mondrian, Theo Van Doesburg, Vilmos Huzar, Bart Van Der Leck and Robert Van’t Hoff.

Our Ethos and Goal

VDA Coffee ethos and goal is to focus on one thing; delicious high-quality specialty coffee. We strive to deliver the finest quality beans from all over the world, roasted to perfection to create the best characteristics in your cup. We provide our house blend consistently all year round but also offer various guest single-origin beans from season to season. Our passion is to educate our customers about the art of coffee and share stories of where our wonderful beans originate from and how their journey to VDA have influenced each taste.

VDA Coffee aims to be an extremely personable interactive experience where the customer feels part of the coffee culture. A warming service and a fun, happy and relaxed ambiance within the coffee bar means success to us.